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Feeling The Pressure by The Dirty Skirts

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Reviewed on 12th October 2008.


Feeling The Pressure

By The Dirty Skirts

First impression of 'Feeling The Pressure' is that it tosses together bits of indie and electronica and expects them to sound coherent with minimal effort. The result is verses of awkward vocals hitching across a backdrop of electro fuzz, and a chorus where isolated synths flicker around prominent, buzz-edged indie chords. This awkward blend is initially unappealing, and you'll find yourself wishing The Dirty Skirts would either strip away the sound effects and go for straightforward indie, or pile on the synths to create some psychedelic electro-pop.

However, after a few listens you realise that The Dirty Skirts have got the balance just right. Additional synths would take the edge off those angular vocals and riffs, and once you've gotten accustomed to hearing those indie riffs against all those synths, it's them that give 'Feeling The Pressure' that quirky, unique sound. And, after an initial period of re-adjustment, you won't be able to get this new sound out of your head.

The vocals mimic the music, as The Dirty Skirts bounce indecipherable indie lead vocals off of bursts of poppy backing harmonies. Again, The Dirty Skirts keep the song's contradictory halves slightly separate but, just as the lurching electro-indie backing track is a grower, so are the vocals.

'Feeling The Pressure' is a genre-bender that doesn't attempt to hide the joins where its two halves meet. It's predictably awkward-sounding and unusual, but also surprisingly addictive. A few listens and you'll be brought around to The Dirty Skirts' way of thinking.

'Can't Remember Your Name' is more downbeat, eschewing the ricocheting vocals and buzzy electro of 'Feeling The Pressure' in favour of straightforward rock with atmospheric synths. The chorus showcases vocalist Jeremy's talent for making off-kilter lyrics sound smoothly easy, giving the chorus some seriously addictive pop appeal. The occasional, perfectly-positioned synth acts as that final, irresistible hook that'll drag the listener into 'Can't Remember Your Name's simmering electro-pop funk. It may make less of an impact than 'Feeling The Pressure' but 'Can't Remember Your Name' proves that The Dirty Skirts' not-quite-electro, not-quite-indie brilliance isn't just a one hit wonder.

This double-header introduces The Dirty Skirts as a wilfully unusual, indie-electro outfit that are initially quite challenging to get into. However, give The Dirty Skirts a chance and their sunny vibe, quirky and clunky sound and bucket loads of hook-laden synths are sure to win you over, or make you smile, at the very least.



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