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Okay by Telegramme

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Reviewed on 19th October 2008.



By Telegramme

There's no doubt that Telegramme frontwoman Faye has a powerful voice. However, she also has an unusual habit of serving her vocals with a helping of random warbling noises and sudden high notes.

During the first verse, Faye is trying so hard to show us everything she's capable of, that she's in serious danger of over-singing, and it isn't immediately obvious just how talented she is. However, when this song's beautifully understated, nursery-rhyme-simple backing track suddenly soars to a high of distorted riffs and squealing chords, Faye can finally let rip, and her unusual voice effortlessly lifts the chorus to heart-string-bothering heights.

Faye may fall into the trap of ricocheting her voice around simply because she can, and her slightly shrill timbre may make her vocals a bit of an acquired taste, but you can't fail to appreciate her vocal prowess. Anyone with a soft spot for unusual vocalists will fall in love with Telegramme, although reigning the vocals in a little might just win them more fans in the long run.

What's really impressive is how fearlessly 'Okay' goes for the throat with its chorus of towering riffs and all-or-nothing vocals. Telegramme hold nothing back in their pursuit of a stadium-sized chorus, and their confidence, coupled with Faye's exceptional voice, see them carry it off with aplomb.

'Okay' is a perfect little indie rock song that may be missing that elusive spark that would make it a chart contender, but this debut single showcases a band with excellent musical instincts, who rarely put a foot wrong with this song.



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