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Those We Leave Behind by I Am Ghost

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Reviewed on 19th October 2008.


Those We Leave Behind

By I Am Ghost

So, I Am Ghost return, older, wiser, and sans violins. Minus the hook that caught the attention of much of their fanbase in the first place, there isn't much to shout about. Any atmosphere their gothic-tinged sound used to offer has been replaced with generic screamo posturing and bargain basement riffs. So predictable are the songs that it's hard to find something to comment on that hasn't been done before, or that isn't replicated on another track; palm muted verses follow a bouncy intro; with a soaring chorus neatly followed by a chugging beatdown and a final race to finish. It's not that I Am Ghost are bad, far from it. The main issue here is the lack of variety, and overall familiarity in their material. That said, it whips along at a fair pace, and is pleasant enough to avoid the skip button. American teens will lap it up, and it will no doubt sell a bucket load, but is still at best, an average record.



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