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Reviewed on 31st October 2008.



By Mynas

Barnsley trio Mynas offer up three tracks of melodic, easy-on-the-ears indie with just enough undemanding hooks to make for enjoyable listening.

Opening track 'If You Work Hard....' sees frontman Miller employ a shivery up and down vocal style that gives this slice of meandering indie an edge, even if the lyrics are a little too thin on the ground to fully make use of Miller's inspired vocal work.

The frequent musical interludes are filled with jerky guitars, spring-heeled drums and jangling chords that more than compensate for the scant vocals. 'If You Work Hard....' ultimately avoids becoming too easy on the ear (read: forgettable) largely due to Miller's vocals and the track's bursts of additively angular indie chords.

The glacial cool synths and gritter vocals of 'Anthony's Brother' initially seem set to give it some bite. However, Mynas take these experimental flourishes and keep on repeating them until the edge has worn off. The sharp synths are looped on both the bridge section and instrumental interludes, and the verses are equally repetitive, with unintelligible distorted vocals that do little to add variety to proceedings. Consequently, 'Anthony's Brother' passes by in a pleasantly undemanding blur.

'Morgan' takes a risk with a stirring and understated instrumental end section, with prominent drumbeats that give the song some impetus. The rest of the song is quite content to putter along at the same low-key indie level, but the end section clearly indicates that Mynas are willing to edge out of their comfort zone on occasion.

Mynas clearly have a talent for penning melodic indie numbers, but this demo is in constant danger of becoming underwhelming. It escapes this fate, because the vocals are so accomplished, and because Mynas have a knack for penning subtle hooks and jerky indie chords. But what this demo is lacking is oomph. Hopefully, Mynas will be more daring on their next release, instead of continuing to play it safe.



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