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The English Way by Fightstar

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Reviewed on 9th November 2008.


The English Way

By Fightstar

'The English Way' is the latest offering from post-hardcore band Fightstar, which starts pretty much as you'd expect a song of theirs to go. Omar Abidi's drums kick in with a pounding beat that is to be expected from him, at which point Charlie Simpson's vocals kicks in with his also expected straight forward vocal performance. Al Westaway sticks to falsetto duties as normal, and I guess what I'm getting at is this is just a standard Fightstar song.

So far then, no surprises. That is of course until the pre-chorus comes into play, and like a secret weapon the bruising production softens and the track slows into a sweeping choir harmony, which immediately changes your first perception of the song. This is without doubt the highlight, if very brief, of a song which to be honest won't blow anyone away.

And with that said, we're back into the heavy guitar/soft harmony mix that is so familiar within the band's music.

Fightstar have found a winning formula, and although I don't blame them for exploiting it for the cash cow it is, there's only so long they can keep its momentum going, but definitely not a bad effort from the guys.



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