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See The Light by The Hours

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Reviewed on 21st December 2008.


See The Light

By The Hours

"Ok lads, we've all had a few drinks, let's not do anything you're gonna regret in the morning, yes, those lyrics you've written on the back of the beer mat are uplifting in an, it'll be ok, the lights in all of us, the sun's gonna shine, vaguely spiritual kind of way and the music has an epic sweep and grandeur without there actually being any hint of a tune or melody in there, but really, do you want to turn over in the morning and find out you've brought home something sounding like the Verve on a bad day, that is, really bad, and yes it does kind of sound like something that Match of the Day might have rejected in favour of U2's It's a Beautiful Day but put the guitars down and walk away, let's all go home, remember to drink plenty of water, get some rest and think about what's happened here today".

PS: Damian Hirst slept under my hedge many years ago after a particularly fine party, I like to think that waking up the next morning would have been a transitional moment for him as he decided to go out, get his spots together and make millions of art-pounds so he could set up a record label to release music by old mates who've hit some difficult times, provide the artwork and video direction and generally introduce them to some really cool people. As the wife has just asked me what I've been playing and said that she really likes it, it would seem he's not been wasting his time entirely. Sigh.



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