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Onwards and Upwards EP by Situationists

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Reviewed on 26th December 2008.


Onwards and Upwards EP

By Situationists

This pleasant enough collection of four tracks gambols earnestly along, but is ever so slightly guilty of failing to engage the listener. The chiming guitars and harmonies are all technically adept and well negotiated, but the first couple of tracks ('This Is A Show' and 'A Cold Front') rush off at a frenetic pace without offering much incentive to try and keep up. The title track fits, more or less, into the same category. It's all a little too reminiscent of early Futureheads album filler or, worse, Hot Club de Paris, to be considered the future of music for 2009.

Nestling amongst this, however, is 'Fireworks,' a smouldering track of some delicate beauty. Handel it may not be, but it's far from the worst tune penned about bonfire night (albeit here in allegorical fashion). There's a slow building intensity and purpose to the music that recalls Bloc Party in their more delicate moments and, more to the point, keeps you interested in, rather than bored by, all that nagging cyclicality and harmonising.



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