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Let There Be... Geek Pie III by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 26th December 2008.


Let There Be... Geek Pie III

By Various Artists

This collection from Wakefield's Geek Pie records offers a diverse snapshot of local talent: four very different artists with four very different songs. The Whippets are first up with 'Film & TV', a decent enough slab of crunching guitar-driven indie rock. This taut affair bruises along in stop-start fashion, threatens a rousing climax - which actually turns out to be a bit more of the same - then drifts off in a nice little coda of reversed guitars.

The Passing Fancy would appear to be a one man band, strumming away on an acoustic guitar, occasionally playing the harmonica, whistling and stamping, whilst all the while painting a quaint lyrical picture of modern life. Anyone acquainted with the venue will have a pretty shrewd idea what the story behind 'Escobarred' might be, although it's difficult to imagine this mild mannered gent being barred from anywhere - let alone the sort of place that's seen more than its share of rock 'n' roll rough and tumble.

One Day, After School...'s 'Eichmann Trial' offers a strangely percussive take on post-rock. For the first couple of minutes the slow crescendo is accompanied by an awful lot of rimshot, but in the end it's the guitars that hold sway in a finale of epic intensity.

After this, the schoolboyish bedroom musings of The Frog Next Door ('Still Looking At Clouds') could scarcely come as greater contrast, being accompanied by nothing more than some deliberately tacky keyboard work. There is, however, something to be said for the verse sung by a vintage speech synthesizer. Like most of the record, it's fun without - one suspects - harbouring serious dreams of setting the charts alight.



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