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She Was Always Cool by The Brute Chorus

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Reviewed on 1st January 2009.


She Was Always Cool

By The Brute Chorus

This is the third single from The Brute Chorus; scores of fans are greeted by this song commencing every gig. However, I'm not that impressed.

'She Was Always Cool' starts of fairly pleasantly, a toe tapping little ditty, nice and simple to clap and sing along to. But as the song progresses it becomes a disjointed and irregular scramble of rhythms and beats. The song can't seem to decide whether it's a ballad style or a jumpy crowd friendly anthem.

The tune admittedly is fairly catchy, but the constant chopping and changing of the drumbeat is just plain confuzzling. The lead singer sounds flat and unemotional which is a shame because he can undoubtedly sing, seems rather a waste of talent. The monotony of his vocals against the disorganized melody succeeds in irritating me further. Unfortunately this is only a hors d'oeuvres of what's yet to come.

Second track 'Artermissia' is like experiencing Chinese water torture, listen to it long enough and you slowly but surely will go completely, COMPLETELY insane. The lyrics are like a huge chocolate fudge cake - fine for the first few moments, but start to make you feel slightly queasy with the sickly sweetness before evolving into full blown nausea.

The tune is obviously making a poor stab in the power ballad direction, but is far too plodding and dreary to give the likes of 'Don't Stop Believin'' a run for it's money.

However the future is looking bright for The Brute Chorus, this year alone brought them over seventy shows, so undoubtedly we should be hearing more of them in 2009.

I can hardly wait...



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