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White Boys For Brothel Med Clinics by White Boys For Gay Jesus

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Reviewed on 2nd February 2009.


White Boys For Brothel Med Clinics

By White Boys For Gay Jesus

With a name like that, and songs titles such as 'File To Fuck' and 'Pussy Cake' White Boys For Gay Jesus seem set to be a deliberately annoying, deliberately offensive band with Bloodhound Gang style tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Therefore, it's something of a surprise when first track 'Gang Ape Sex Tape' kicks off with full-throttle metal riffs, screamo vocals and a backing track of barely-contained chaos.

This juddering, rabid beast is in constant danger of completely losing what little plot it has. However, White Boys For Gay Jesus just manage to hold it together, and deliver a song that's bursting with an infectious, if shambolic, energy.

The musical schizophrenia is occasionally pierced with clean vocals. These mostly take the form of one word chanted over and over with single-minded intensity, or choir-like falsetto notes. These ensure 'Gang Ape Sex Tape' isn't all played out at maximum intensity; there are a few 'easy' moments, and it's these that'll keep the listener coming back and gradually untangling this band's deranged vision.

Second track, 'Pussy Cake' takes White Boys For Gay Jesus' fondness for oddball vocals to the next level, as they scream, hiccup, growl and falsetto their way through the track.

It doesn't hang together as well as the EP-opener, largely due to the disjointed riffs and this song's fondness for sudden drum rolls rather than a solid backing beat. 'Pussy Cake' is ultimately a bit too all over the place, and you'll struggle to find a method to its madness.

And then, just when White Boys For Gay Jesus seem to be on the brink of becoming unlistenable, they deliver an accomplished and surprisingly normal instrumental track, in the form of 'Naked Lunch.'

Although it opens with a long-winded voiceover, once White Boys For Gay Jesus bring in the music, we get a slick, urban refrain that expands into a catchy, electro-rock funk. 'Naked Lunch' gradually gets heavier, with intricate riffs and drums squeezing out the super-slick synths. Interestingly, 'Naked Lunch' proves that the free-wheeling chaos of much of this EP, isn't due to anything lacking on White Boys For Gay Jesus' part; it's how they want to sound.

After this brief respite, the band throw us back into the mental asylum with perhaps their most twisted offering yet, 'Rot Knocker.'

Consisting mostly of a stuttering electro beat played beneath screechy, utterly inhuman-sounding vocals and riffs that really are all over the place, 99% of 'Rot Knocker' is like overhearing someone having a nervous breakdown. However, on a handful of occasions 'Rot Knocker' suddenly explodes into polished, swaggering metal riffs and urgent vocals, delivered with a likeably abrasive edge. This would be a great chorus, if 'Rot Knocker' had anything vaguely resembling a verse.

With 'File To Fuck' White Boys For Gay Jesus unleash some serious anger with enraged screamo vocals, slow, doom-laden riffs and ear-splittingly loud drumbeats. Thankfully, we get a few easier to digest moments, in the form of the squealy, warbly-falsetto vocals that seem to be White Boys For Gay Jesus' trademark. 'File To Fuck' also sees the return of those rabid-sounding, one-word chants that complement the musical madness White Boys For Gay Jesus do so well.

'File To Fuck' gets even heavier towards the end, as all its chaotic energy is reigned in and channelled into a slow, doom-laden plod of thunderous drumbeats and crashing riffs. It's more coherent than 'Rot Knocker' but, like most of this EP, 'File To Fuck' would benefit from making things a little easier for the listener.

White Boys For Gay Jesus conclude matters in a completely unexpected fashion, with the meandering, subtly downbeat strains of instrumental 'Womb.' Initially, clunky synths give this song a simplistic, lullaby-like plod, but White Boys For Gay Jesus gradually layer on more stirring, celestial-tinged synths, creating an epic quality that wouldn't be out of place on a film score. As 'Womb' trails away in beautifully understated fashion, it's difficult to believe this is the same band who made such an ungodly racket with 'File To Fuck.'

'White Boys For Brothel Med Clinics' is a confusing EP, delivering both intensely nasty, schizophrenic tracks that dare the listener to try and find something coherent to hold onto; and quietly accomplished instrumentals. This isn't an EP you can sing along to, or even wrestle many tunes out of, but there's always going to be people out there looking for something different, and 'White Boys For Brothel Med Clinics' is certainly that. Nasty, chaotic, brutally heavy and packed full of lunatic vocals, this is the sort of EP that's aiming for a hardcore minority following, and will probably get it.

Give 'Gang Ape Sex Tape' a listen but, be warned, this is White Boys For Gay Jesus' most accessible track, and if this one's too weird for you, then there really is no point listening to the rest of this EP.



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