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Better Than This by Keane

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Reviewed on 6th February 2009.


Better Than This

By Keane

When Keane first came onto the music scene with album number one, 'Hopes & Fears' they were quite distinctive. It was a love hate relationship. People adored or despised them. But, through the second album and now into number three, entitled 'Perfect Symmetry,' they have changed, grown and developed into a slightly more mainstream band, not least down to the inclusion of synthesizers, electric guitars and distortion on piano keys.

We all know about 'Spiralling', the track which perhaps put them back on the map they had become somewhat unattached from. Everything's gone a little more catchy pop now, which is in no way a bad thing, as you 'gotta move with the times' and all. Some original fans may not be massive admirers of the newer sound, but I'm sure they would have gained a new client base of groupies even if old ones turned their backs. New single 'Better Than This' continues along the same road with lots of repetition in both lyrics and music. Everything's a little jollier than it used to be, whilst Chaplin's voice has advanced and matured. I can't imagine the track being quite as big a hit as 'Spiralling' but it will definitely keep them in the charts and the royalties. I can't help thinking that in a way they gave the middle finger to their old fans and are chasing higher success by becoming more commercial.

"You can do so much better than this" is the backbone line of the entire song. I think they really can, and previously have. They won a whole host of awards for the latest album at the back end of 2008. Perhaps 2009 will be equally successful for the three piece from the south.



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