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Bone You by Kasms

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Reviewed on 27th February 2009.


Bone You

By Kasms

First single from London-based Kasms' debut album is two minutes of trippy, arty rock underpinned by a mesmerising beat that'll draw you into its weird world, whether you want it to or not.

The first thing that strikes you about 'Bone You' is that frontwoman Rachel Mary Calleghan makes every sound imaginable, but never really sings. So, we get possessed-sounding laughter, squeals and sighs, all slightly distorted to sound incredibly unnerving, rather than cheesy. But no actual singing.

Rachel's vocal contributions would probably veer on the annoying, if they weren't partially hidden behind a screen of random sound effects and groovily black-hearted beats. 'Bone You' is an hypnotic piece of synth-loaded darkwave/death rock/something else with a mind-numbingly addictive underlying beat.

B-side 'Ode To Millers' is marginally more accessible than the A-side, although it's just as strange. Rachel does actually sing on this track, contributing some hook-packed vocals, with a few ear-piercing screams thrown in for good measure.

'Ode To Millers' bounces darkly along, thanks to a combination of prominent drumbeats and a sleazy undercurrent of distortion. Again, it would be easy to write Kasms off as arty nonsense, if it wasn't for a rock-solid underlying beat that you won't be able to get out of your head.

Whether an entire album's worth of this sort of material would become tiresome is debatable but, on their own, 'Bone You' and 'Ode To Millers' are great little mind-benders.



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