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Help I'm Alive by Metric

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Reviewed on 5th March 2009.


Help I'm Alive

By Metric

'Help I'm Alive,' the lead-off single from Metric's forthcoming album 'Fantasies' is a steady-burning piece of electro that forsakes the infectious synths that usually categorise this genre, in favour of sublime, shimmery rhythms that seep into your brain gradually.

'Help I'm Alive's immediate hook comes in the form of frontwoman Emily Haines' barely-there vocals. Her simple, lullaby style of delivery is appealing, especially when it's laid over this song's slow, buzzy groove. The overall impression of 'Help I'm Alive' is that it's comfortably ticking over, rather than labouring to prove anything. Even when a prominent riff is added, the aura of calm isn't broken, and 'Help I'm Alive' putters along in the same pleasantly steady way as before.

'Help I'm Alive' does pick up the pace briefly, as Haines' voice gains a mildly abrasive edge and a thumping beat swells underneath this song's subdued synths. However, just when it feels like this section is building to a climax, 'Help I'm Alive' instead slides into an understatedly groovy, indie-tinged chorus that's strangely reassuring.

'Help I'm Alive' is sublime, calming electro-pop, with an intriguingly-voiced frontwoman. Although it may initially feel like an unexciting prospect, it's well worth the handful of listens it takes to appreciate its subtle charm.



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