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Under Control by Freeland

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Reviewed on 15th March 2009.


Under Control

By Freeland

The first two and a half minutes of Freeland's 'Under Control' are a steady electronica stomp of crunching beats and curls of heavily distorted guitar, mixed up with long, instrumental passages that's basically just the same synth played over and over again.

However, after the two minute mark things really fall into place, as the background is packed full of distortion and catchy, squiggly electro is laid over the top. Added to this are cheesy backing vocals that bring a lively, fun element to this song's head's-down, trancey end-section. However, there's also the occasional robotic backing vocal, which will just put you in mind of the worst of 80's pop.

This CD also comes complete with four reworkings of 'Under Control,' non of which are as good as the original version. 'Alex Metric remix' replaces the original backing beat with a steady, song-long electro pulse, mixed up with odd beeps and synths; 'Evil Nine remix' puts a heavier spin on the original, with some Europop electro effects thrown in for good measure; and 'Zombie Nation remix' shoe-horns in even more random electro, although it also features some funky, souped-up vocals.

'Golden Bug remix' is probably the only reworking that takes 'Under Control' and makes it its own. Here, most of the main vocals are removed, and the backing vocals are played on a loop. Like most remixes, it doesn't feel like a song in its own right, but at least it does something different with the original material.

The remixes are pretty unnecessary, and the original version does take a long time to get going but, once it does, it's a trippy, dance-electronica stomp with the occasional cheesy backing vocal keeping proceedings fun.



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