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Bitch of The Bitches by Le Corps Mince de Françoise

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Reviewed on 18th March 2009.


Bitch of The Bitches

By Le Corps Mince de Françoise

A reviewer's job is occasionally made so easy that all their years of highly skilled investigatory, and inspired musical opinionating count for nothing.

In this case we have a great, quirky, almost amateurish song with an electro edge sung by girls with strange exotic accents whose unique take on pop and dance and lyrics leads to a thrilling, puzzling and exiting sound.

The ease of the job is that all I really need to say is that if you love CSS, then you'll love this.

I went to see them at the Cockpit but didn't realise they were the support so missed them and had to endure three songs of Iglu & Hartley who were as awful as could be in a shirts off; wave your hands in the air; all the ladies say 'oww;' jump up and down and hold the mike out to the audience; think they're the Beastie Boys, but seem to have accidentally hired Huey Lewis' 'The News' as their god-awful, insipid backing band, kind of way.

Anyhow here's some of the blurb for you fact hounds:

"Le Corps Mince de Françoise (The Slim Body of Francoise) are a super cool all-girl trio of pop ravers. This French named Scandinavian band are hotly tipped to set the music world alight on the release of their debut single 'Bitch of the Bitches' on Stimulus/ Relentless on 2nd March 2009. The single is dance, shouty, underground, fresh, beat driven, punky electronica, but with a strong underlying pop melody.

Le Corps Mince de Françoise (known as LCMDF for short) consists of sisters Emma and Mia Kemppainen and Malin Nyqvist. The trio formed in 2007 and started playing out on their local scene in Helsinki, Finland. Their energetic and highly stylized live performances quickly became a sensation and they're now set to unleash their talents to the rest of Europe.

LCMDF are more than just music. They successfully combine fashion and art into their aesthetic from their wild make-up and clothes, to their attitude and photos which has already inspired legions of stylish admirers on their MySpace and Blog.

2009 promises to be the year LCMDF's songs take on the world. 'Bitch of Bitches' is the perfect introduction - a dynamic, superbly produced, slice of edgy pop which showcases their inspiring vision and style."



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