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Venom by The Shermans

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Reviewed on 29th March 2009.



By The Shermans

The Shermans' previous single, 'Calling It Wrong' reached number twenty three in the UK indie charts, and follow up single 'Venom' is surely a strong contender for an even higher chart position, as this is maddeningly catchy indie-rock at its best.

Everything about 'Venom' is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Bouncing along on irresistible, oomp-pa drumbeats, 'Venom' is jam-packed with wickedly sharp vocal hooks, as mainman Shaun Aitcheson always takes care to emphasise 'Venom's infectious indie-rock beats. Whether he's bouncing his vocals off angular drumbeats, or contributing smoother, poppier vocals to the more melodic sections, Shaun always hits the mark. At times, his voice is given an extra boost from barely-there backing vocals, which sees 'Venom' take on an anthemic edge, and threaten to become more than just a catchy indie hit.

As a B-side, 'You're Just Not Getting Enough' is expected to lag behind the A-side, and lag it certainly does. 'You're Just Not Getting Enough' has all the clunkiness of a live performance, with little of the energy. Built on an interestingly military, marching drumbeat, this song has a rock-solid, intriguing base that completely dominates the handful of twangy chords and Shaun's vocals. The Shermans seem to be enamoured with this unusual beat, and believe it's enough to carry the song. But, after the novelty has worn off, 'You're Just Not Getting Enough' doesn't really have much else to offer, apart from a great base beat.

The fact that the B-side isn't half as good as the A-side, isn't really that much of a surprise. 'Venom' is the main attraction here, and it's a song that should set the indie-rock charts alight.



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