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Everyone Loves You by Eureka Machines

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Reviewed on 1st April 2009.


Everyone Loves You

By Eureka Machines

'Everyone Loves You' is the first single to be lifted off Eureka Machine's full length debut 'Do Or Die.'

A power pop rollercoaster of rock and roll riffs and stomping drumbeats, topped off with euphoric pop vocals, 'Everyone Loves You' successfully takes the rock and roll swagger of old, and slathers it in a pop gloss. Boasting a perfect, pre-chorus sugar rush of gleaming, pop-punk riffs, Eureka Machines then sweep the listener into a stop-start, shout along chorus.

'Everyone Loves You' is a pop-music shiny rock song that will undoubtedly find a home as many a rock fan's latest guilty pleasure.

The first of three B-sides, 'The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall's stylishly plodding verses are given a much-needed edge thanks to some echoey slide-guitar. This acts as a vital hook, and prevents Eureka Machines from sounding like they're merely treading water until the chorus kicks in. And when that chorus does kick in, it's predictably massive, with walls of gleaming riffs and an interestingly warbly, Mediterranean-tinged riff razoring across the polished noise.

'The Bigger They Are...' builds to a dramatic bridge of hammering drumbeats and a rush of jangly guitars that may drown out some of Chris Catalyst's vocals, but will sweep you along all the same.

'The Bigger They Are...' feels slightly more considered than 'Everyone Loves You,' but overall it's another slice of guilty pleasure guitar pop.

The live acoustic version of 'The Story of My Life' is a clever inclusion; not only is it a great song, but it dispels any notion that Eureka Machines are studio gloss over substance. 'The Story of My Life' is a tambourine-studded, summery sing along track, with an underlying pulse of bass lending it extra weight. The stripped-down arrangement gives the lyrics a rare chance to shine, and the simple, everyman chorus of "it can't get any worse" is sure to touch a nerve and get audiences singing along.

'Scream Eureka' is another live track, this time lifted from BBC Introducing. The darker, bass-driven verses and surprisingly punk-sounding choruses, build to a furious climax. Perhaps it's due to the 'live' element, but 'Scream Eureka' sounds more edgy and less pop than the other two, non-acoustic tracks on show here.

On the negative side, 'Scream Eureka' does have an irritating tendency to break off for bouts of harmonised gang vocals and, while Eureka Machine's ability to sing in perfect unison is impressive, it does sound pretty cheesy.

Eureka Machine's 'Everyone Loves You' release is a shrewd collection of tracks. From the instant, poppy familiarity of 'Everyone Loves You,' and 'The Bigger They Are...' to the understated, straight-faced acoustic of 'The Story of My Life' and the punkier 'Scream Eureka,' this release has something for everyone. If you haven't yet picked up their debut full-length 'Do Or Die,' then 'Everyone Loves You' is the perfect introduction to Leeds' Eureka Machines.



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