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Reviewed on 6th April 2009.


Twisted Wheel

By Twisted Wheel

Phrases like "A Band For The People" and "Proper Music That You Can Believe In" are definitely over-used phrases since two brothers by the name of Gallagher came onto the British music scene, and Twisted Wheel are definitely a band for which the above cliche apply, but please don't stop reading here.

Whilst the band clearly has Oasis as a big influence, here swagger is replaced by snarl and genuine inspiration. 'She's a Weapon' marries breezy ska verses to a vicious chorus, before breaking everything down and cranking it up to a turbo speed ending, all in less than two thrilling minutes. 'Let Them Have It All' is a real joy, the whole thing being carried along by a great sense of melody and undeniable energy - frontman Jonny Brown sounding at times like an infinitely more in tune and interesting version of Caleb Followill.

Less successful are the attempts at slowing things down, with 'Strife' being particularly unsuccessful. It starts like 'Some Might Say,' a chorus reminiscent of 'Champagne Supernova' and a solo that could really be lifted off any Oasis song ever made. It's in these slower songs that their influences shine through a little too brightly, and they really feel like an arbitrary break for the listener before the next exciting onslaught.

This really is a band who will go from strength to strength - the last song written for the album - 'Oh What Have You Done' is its undoubted highlight, packed with credit crunch-friendly lines such as "I've got no butter for my toast/no washing powder for my clothes", the mountainous chorus is just the thing to lead The Enemy fans away to these greener pastures.

A band with tunes to actually match the motor mouth? It may well just catch on.



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On 15th April 2009 at 21:34 Anonymous 7313 wrote...

Its a brilliant album, a masterpiece, but please dont keep compareing them to Oasis - Twisted Wheel have a far better, fresher sound, they have BITE where as Oasis have seemingly lost theirs. And, to be honest I would never have compared Jonny Brown to Caleb Followill.... Twisted Wheel have their own sound, pure rock n roll, no one sounds like them, they have their own unique brand of snarl and venom which far out strips even the Enemy.. Who incidentally, they've been touring with and have been getting better and better every night Ive seen them. Twisted Wheel have a lot to say, far more than most bands... I luv 'em....



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