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My Sister, Boudicca by Quinta

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Reviewed on 16th April 2009.


My Sister, Boudicca

By Quinta

Limited to 200 screen-printed, hand-stamped, hand-numbered and sewn together recycled cardstock sleeve copies, 'My Sister, Boudicca' is the debut album of musical wonder-woman Quinta.

Having been given the name by her father when she was a baby, Quinta grew up learning all sorts of instruments. From the violin to the musical saw, clarinet to toy instruments, she enjoys anything that makes a good noise. It is obvious she has a vast array of talent and different musical loves portrayed through the album. It's mischievous, yet original.

The 11-track debut features a whole host of brilliance to sink your teeth into. From the opening of 'They Come, The Burning' through 'James And The Ocean,' the album title track and past 'The Finest Riddle' to 'The Ballard Of The Ice Dancer,' a distinctive take on life is shown. Mysterious, compelling, vulnerable, weird; Quinta develops a passion through her music that is second to none. The lyrics are quite poetic, and would be fantastically wonderful as poetry. The composition gives structure, a skeleton for the words to hang from and somehow speaks its own language when the lyrics are silent.

As well as her solo work she plays with other artists including the ever-impressive Bat For Lashes. I hope that the current interest and success of Bat For Lashes opens up more eyes to the gift and panache of Quinta and people tussle over the 200 copies of this, her debut album. 'My Sister, Boudicca' is an accomplishment in the world of music and I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from Quinta. What a find!



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