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Gizeh Label Sampler by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 20th April 2009.


Gizeh Label Sampler

By Various Artists

Leeds based label Gizeh proudly introduce us to a microcosm of the delights they have to offer in the form of this twelve track sampler. Trespassers William open with their delicate and ambient 'Sparrows.' With its graceful and mellow melodies, it is a beautifully crafted piece of trance-inducing harmony. Effortlessly gliding forward, Worriedaboutsatan's 'You're In My Thoughts' builds into an other-worldly symphony. The encapsulating mixture of the sublime and the technological, creates a completely individual sound that is both eerie and romantic. 'For Those Who Died Dancing,' a fine offering from Redjetson, moves the listener from the realm of the minimal to that of the soaring chorus and the intensely layered instrumentals. It has a more full-bodied presence with a wonderfully melancholic edge, more accustomed to the radio-friendly audience.

Her Name Is Calla bring the tempo to a lull once again with the understated and choral introduction to 'Pour More Oil' and the steady and shadowy 'Nylon.' The heart-wrenched vocals spilling over with unassuming emotion, as music and voice blend and float seamlessly. Glissando's 'For The Light' is equally as tantalizing and pristine. Singer Elly's vocals feel as natural as breathing, whilst the music builds with keys and chimes. Their second offering of 'With a Kiss and a Tear' follows in the same vein of an almost Sigor Ros-esque utopia. Your heart will be stolen, however, by Sleepingdog's 'Your Eyes.' It is so simple and yet so effective. Modest piano and vocals serve to take advantage of the pure sensation encased within such a discreet song.

Immune's '(***)' begins with foreboding depth and unsettling guitars and then cuts through the serenity with jagged crescendos adding to the enticingly ominous and chaotic feel. Detwiije's 'La Guerre Des Mondes' (or the war of the worlds for us less linguistically gifted) is as epic as its title suggests. Weighing in at just less than fifteen minutes, it's a daunting task to see the song through, but a rewarding one nonetheless. It is a travelling upsurge, building from a steady, pounding beat into a clamour of forceful, deliberate and impressive climaxes, demonstrating an array of perfectly contrasting resonance and talents. 'Cowboys In Atlantis,' an instrumental contribution by Greenland has the uplifting tinges of Explosions In The Sky, which makes the song so reachable and satisfying. And finally, 30 Day Hex finish with 'Lullabye At Bedtime' which does exactly as promised and rounds up this sampler with serenity and a Billy Corgan-feel that would soothe even the fieriest being.



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Her Name Is Calla

Leeds / Leicester / York based six piece


Glissando is Richard Knox and Elly May Irving.

30 Day Hex

rock experimental