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Love Has Left The Room by A Camp

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Reviewed on 30th April 2009.


Love Has Left The Room

By A Camp

'Love Has Left The Room' is the first single to be taken from 'Colonia,' the sophomore album from 'A Camp,' which features Nina Persson of The Cardigans fame.

'Love Has Left The Room' is an interesting song, playing out like a power ballad written by an eternal pessimist. It works surprisingly well; the song's soaring, power ballad vocals and heapings of dramatic backing vocals are prevented from entering toe-curling territory by a healthy dose of lyrical cynicism, which means you won't feel as guilty about liking this song as you probably should.

Persson's voice sits very high in the mix, sidelining all the accompanying music, but this is with good reason: Persson has a beautiful voice. She alternates between resonating dark notes; shiver-inducing highs and sweet, semi-spoken vocals, and the accompanying star-burst synths and subtle orchestral flourishes really can't compete. 'Love Has Left The Room' is all about Persson's voice and, thankfully, it's a voice to take your breath away.

'Love Has Left The Room' is backed up by two covers; Pink Floyd's 'Us And Them' and David Bowie's 'Boys Keep Swinging.'

The chorus of seven-minute B-side 'Us And Them' sees Persson once again scoring those soaring, power ballad-esque high notes. And, once again, the gloomy lyrics and the bruised quality of her voice ensures that her angst-ballad interpretation of the chorus never quite becomes a cheese-fest.

However, A Camp are guilty of overdoing the vocals on the verses. They add a psychedelic echo to Persson's voice, that's probably intend to sound eerie, but actually sounds like A Camp are trying too hard.

Musically, 'Us And Them' is a beautifully gloomy trudge of flat-footed drumbeats trimmed in star-burst acoustic strumming and an entire galaxy of bright synths. Even when it soars high with a chorus that's stuffed full of choir-like backing harmonies, 'Us And Them' drips melancholy. This is the sound of poetic misery, and seven minutes spent in its company will fly by.

'Boys Keep Swinging' marks a change of tempo for the previously languid A Camp. Bouncing drumbeats, riotous piano and a lively vocal ricochet between Persson and Niclas Frisk makes for a rollicking, carnival-infused sing song.

This three track effort from A Camp is guaranteed to get you excited about the band's second album. With a gorgeously cynical, power ballad-esque title track with vocals to give you goose bumps, and a track of riotous piano-bashing and bouncing drumbeats, A Camp prove they can pull off both extremes with aplomb.



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