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Reviewed on 1st January 2004.



Live at Irish Centre on Monday, 9th December 2002

33 years ago, Hawkwind came onto the psychedelic scene, and have continued to push music outer and further away from the mainstream, while influencing space and post rock and to a large extent the techno end of the dance spectrum. Pretty impressive credentials. A couple of years previous, Arthur Brown was setting his own agenda taking blues and jazz and psyching them up. It is with great pleasure then, that the King of Leeds can announce the union of 2 such heavyweights at the Irish Centre this evening. King Arthur makes his first appearance before "Master Of The Universe", dressed resplendently in a heavily luminous painted white boilersuit, with tasty additional flashing neon tubes attached. Classy. After a monumentally ace "Hurry On Sundown", and a few Arthur tunes, it becomes obvious why these two have joined forces - they compliment each other fantastically well. Brown's voice soars across, sorry, space and the Hawks fit in with his tunes as if it's their normal job. The set closes with a superb quintuplet - "Lighthouse", "The Watcher", "Assassins Of Allah", "You Shouldn't Do That" and "Earth Calling" - all majestic in their own way and indicating a back catalogue that can be plundered at will with more to come. Talking of that, Mr Brown returns to take us through "Sonic Attack" and bloody hell it can't be "Silver Machine" - a triumph, I tells you!!



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