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The '59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem

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Reviewed on 25th May 2009.


The '59 Sound

By The Gaslight Anthem

Hailed as the next big thing by well, everyone, it's possible that all the hype surrounding New Jersey's The Gaslight Anthem might have done them a disservice. It'd be easy to dismiss The Gaslight Anthem as just another bunch of over-hyped media darlings but, if there was ever a band that actually lives up to the hype, it's these guys.

'The '59 Sound' is the title-track from The Gaslight Anthem's second studio album, and it's another everyman anthem with refreshingly straight-to-the-point lyrics. 'The '59 Sound' discusses death in much the same way as Biffy Clyro's 'Machines.' There's no pretentiousness, vague metaphors or arty imagery, as The Gaslight Anthem say exactly what they mean in uncomfortably stark fashion.

But, while the lyrical content may be grim, this song is anything but, as The Gaslight Anthem tumble out galloping drumbeats and glimmery-edged riffs in a celebratory rock and roll headrush. It's a euphoric sound, designed to lift you up even as frontman Brian Fallon wonders "did you hear the old gospel choir / as they came to carry you over? / did you hear your favourite song / one last time?"

'The '59 Sound' is a slice of heartfelt, nostalgia-drenched rock with blue-collar lyrics that harp back to the early days of Rise Against. The Gaslight Anthem, it seems, are one of those rare bands who won't appeal to a particular set of people. This is one that pretty much everyone can enjoy.



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On 26th May 2009 at 12:53 Anonymous 3358 wrote...

Great album. Great band. If you like Springsteen, Counting Crows or anything with lyrical depth and a great hook then this is definitely for you.



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