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Barney Rubble by The Twang

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Reviewed on 8th June 2009.


Barney Rubble

By The Twang

It's commonly accepted that The Twang are one of Britain's worst bands around at the moment. Just when you thought it was safe to remove your earplugs though, they're back with a new record!

The first single from the new album (out 20th July,) borrows its name from a certain Flintstones character - Barney Rubble and whilst I'll admit that it is better than their previous offerings (...think about 'Either Way,' but not for too long unless you actually want to kill yourself) it's still no masterpiece.

The backing vocals have an eerie similarity to Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' in style, but overall the song just lacks an individual character. It appears mostly to be an endless looping of throwaway lines. You could quite easily replace "her" for "The Twang" in the line, "It's this repetitive, repetitive nonsense that brings her down."

Undoubtedly this song will be forced upon the nation, making it into a prominent song for the summer, but I for one was glad to hear the fade-out at the end of the track. Thanks The Twang, but no thanks.



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