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People Like Us by Tears of Joy

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Reviewed on 9th June 2009.


People Like Us

By Tears of Joy

The debut album from Scottish duo Tears of Joy (TOJ) is a mix of electronica and pop. Busy with studio effects, the album has an impressive array of sounds. Unfortunately this is not a strong collection of songs.

Starting off with 'Open Up,' this song offers some nice harmonies, but little else. 'Honey' is slightly more up tempo, but the drum machine sounds are very frustrating to listen to. The rolls are so obviously fake they are almost unlistenable. Then there is 'People Like Us' which starts off with some very cringy lyrics. Singing "I'm going to teach you how to rock / I'm going to teach how to roll, baby" like Enrique is unbearable, while 'Warrior' is just dull.

Then, five tracks in, the album comes to life. 'Heart' is uptempo. It has a great melody and is very catchy. The bass is chunky and the rest of the song sits nicely on top. It's a simple, but effective song that would get you dancing in the clubs. 'City Of Gold' has a nice 80's feel to it and is by far the stand out track, while 'Children Of The Night' continues in a similar vein.

After this little burst of inspiration, the album fades away again with the exception of 'Turn On The Lights.' The biggest let down has to be the finale, with the song 'Rock 'n' Roll.' When you want the album to finish on a high it ends up just petering out.

When listening to the album there is no doubt of the musicianship, and their knowledge of the studio is excellent. This is why it is even more disappointing that so many of the songs are so dull.



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