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Not The Only Person by The Rumble Strips

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Reviewed on 14th June 2009.


Not The Only Person

By The Rumble Strips

The Rumble Strips are a band whose work ethic as a support act to promote their 2007 debut album 'Girls and Weather' appeared to pay off judging by the large amount of branded T-shirts that could be seen around the festivals last summer. They are the gig-goers' band; an act that haven't yet made the mainstream in a populist way, but whom a large cult following know how good they are and the potential they have.

This lead single from the new album is a sign that the band are readying themselves for that hitherto uncracked mainstream. The sounds are bigger, the scale more ambitious and the knob-twiddler is ubiquitous super-producer Mark Ronson. This is a band ready for that leap.

The track opens with a reverb'd guitar lead reminiscent of The Byrds, backed with a military snare beat marching towards the opening line. From here on in, the song explodes into a full-scale string-orchestial production that can only come from the inspiration of Ronson daring to make the band's large scale ideas come true.

It's a terrific pastiche of the 60's Wall of Sound; the lyrics don't sway far away from the premise set in the title ("You're not the only person/To get it wrong/It's alright;") the song opens with a huge chorus, steps down for a verse-chorus-middle 8-verse-chorus structure that is neatly wrapped up in a mere two minutes and twenty seconds. It's a type of single that is made for a traditional 7" vinyl and the kind of sound that would make a welcome comeback in the 2009 scene that seems hooked on 80's revivalists.

If this is the sign of things to come, expect The Rumble Strips' radio-friendly sound to be heard frequently over the summer and TRS T-shirts in the city centres as well as the festivals.



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