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Cope by Freeland

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Reviewed on 19th June 2009.



By Freeland

Is DJ/Producer now just the male equivalent of Actress/Model/Whatever?

Adam Freeland, currently a fairly small fish in the Chemical Bros/Calvin Harris pond hopes to move to warmer techno-tepid waters with his second solo LP 'Cope.'

He's certainly roped in enough interesting guests to give himself an edge. Motley Crue's Tommy Lee, Devo's Jerry Casale and Kerrang! pinup Brody Dalle all contribute with varying success. At least you can't accuse him of roping in the usual suspects.

One thing you can accuse him of is making a godawful hash of 70's pop weirdness 'Rock On.' When sung by David Essex (!) it was so 'out-there' in terms of production that we're still catching up. The cover of 'Cope' is so uninspired and tame my Gran could have made it if I'd locked her in the spare room with a couple of Prodigy albums and said make something like that, only shit.

Fair to say I approached the rest of the album with caution, although amazingly some of it is half decent. 'Morning Sun' is a track the Chemical Brothers would be proud of, which is a good job as it sounds just like them. 'Silent Speaking' and closer 'Wish I was Here' have a certain grandeur too.

On 'Under Control' acting frontman Ken Bauman sounds remarkably like James Murphy on the LCD Soundsystem track 'North American Scum,' an unfortunate comparison as it shows how the dance/rock hybrid should be done.

"Nothing is under control," they're kidding themselves.



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