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The Power by Evil Nine

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Reviewed on 21st June 2009.


The Power

By Evil Nine

Following on from their second album 'They Live!' zombie and horror movie-influenced breakbeat outfit Evil Nine release this three track 'The Power' EP.

Standout and title track 'The Power' is one of those rare heavy trance tracks that has such a maddeningly addictive bit of synth-work, that you can imagine it successfully making the transition from club-bothering hit, to mainstream radio.

The killer electro hook is a deeply reverberating, bass synth that buzzes back and forth like a chainsaw across 'The Power's snappy electro beats. For some inexplicable reason, you won't be able to get enough of that synth.

Towards the end, Evil Nine shamelessly embrace their cheesy horror movie shtick, with ghoulishly echoing keys that pick out the same rhythm as its major electro hook. Evil Nine seem to be onto a winner with their zombie and B-movie vibe, as it gives their pounding, vocal-free electro the character that this sort of music is usually lacking.

And the creepy vibe continues, with frustrating second track 'The Night.' It boasts a hook to rival 'The Power,' in the form of an organ-esque sound effect that'll put you in mind of oldschool horror movie soundtracks. It's both addictive, and in keeping with the Evil Nine image. However, they don't loop this effect half as much as they should. They even abandon it completely during the second half, which leaves 'The Night' to wander through random, sub-standard electro passages, before drawing to an apologetic close.

Even during the first half, Evil Nine insist on burying it beneath layers of obscuring beeps, whistles and squeals. It's only on the rare occasions where they drop all the unnecessary electro faffing, that 'The Power' becomes a furiously focused, driving trance track. A decent song with moments of brilliance, but ultimately 'The Night' will leave you frustrated.

Final track 'The Heat' is more about the atmospherics than the beat, with an opening half drenched in chiming synths that harps back to the Exorcist soundtrack. The obligatory crunchy electro beat has an unusual industrial slant to it, which also helps 'The Heat' to stand out from the other two, more beat-driven tracks.

But, 'The Heat' isn't just about giving you the shivers. Following the midway point, it all becomes decidedly sinister, with the introduction of a suffocating bass groove. It may lack the pummelling beats of the other two tracks, but 'The Heat' is ghoulish, atmosphere-focused electro, and further evidence that Evil Nine are committed to carving out their own niche.

Not all dance music can successfully make the transition from club dancefloors to personal CD players, but 'The Power' in particular is one of the rare, mind-numbingly repetitive dance tracks you just might get the urge to play at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. But, what's really endearing about Evil Nine, is the character they manage to squeeze into those looped electro beats and sound effects, something that's often sadly missing from the genre.



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