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Farm by Dinosaur Jr

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Reviewed on 25th June 2009.



By Dinosaur Jr

'Farm' is the fifth full length album from renowned slacker rock group, Dinosaur Jr. Back to the original line-up of J. Mascis, Lou Barlow and Patrick Murphy; after all these years, sickly sweet distorted fenders kicking out hooky rock are still on the menu.

The cover art suggests some kind of Lord of the Rings come War of the Worlds affair, which incidentally lends itself quite well to the lurching, monstrous quality of the Dinosaur Jr sound. A sound that has done little to evolve, but perhaps that's the point of this record. A good portion of the album is air guitar friendly, and there's no shortage of screeching wah wah solos that meander and drift around the thick gloopy backdrop of the Dinosaur Jr powerhouse. Mascis sings with that deadpan drawl, like his voice has been hung out to dry in a sandstorm.

The obvious standout track is 'I Want You To Know,' which takes the album into a big pop eruption, still retaining some of that bread and butter Dino Jr formula. The layout seems confused though, as there doesn't appear to be a logical route to the album, perhaps owing to the band's eclecticism.

Like many previous Dinosaur Jr albums, 'Farm' lines up the elements of all-American classic rock outfits and the hammer-it-out nature of punk, giving a head on collision of rock intensity. Some balladry emerges towards the middle of the record, in the form of 'Said The People.' Other than to indulge in some helpless loathing, the track does little for the rest of 'Farm,' which carries a more enjoyable sense of immediacy, even if it is of a 'fuck the world' type.

Like a hosepipe flailing on a lawn, Dinosaur Jr have created another gushing, wild album that refuses to be tamed into standard rock categorises. Lyrically perhaps a little uninspired, but there's enough ferocity in the simple aesthetics of the band's dedication to original guitar music to keep you interested.



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Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr. is an American rock band formed in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1984

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