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Fits by White Denim

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Reviewed on 28th June 2009.



By White Denim

Second album from the Austin trio, 'Fits,' is a blistering amalgamation of all things bright and beautiful from the archives of American music.

Premier track, 'Radio Milk How Can You Stand It,' is like a sonic power surge, encompassing psychedelic, lunar note guitar squealing and furious primal drumming. The White Denim sound is detailed but totally raw and uncompromising. Nothing goes uncovered, from soul to heavy rock. It's all loosely assignable to that kind of grubby under-belly rock ala The Stooges at their most progressive; big, Detroit-influenced sounds.

For appreciators of garage rock bands there is a lot to like with this band, but that's not to say they haven't pushed the boundaries, if you'll excuse the cliche. The eclecticism of this record offers something a bit more than the standard bash around a few 60s guitar sounds. It's wacky and in danger of bordering on identity crisis were it not for the sheer intensity and muscle that pulses through every track. 'Mirrored and Reversed' could quite easily fake it on one of Lenny Kaye's 'Nuggets' albums, and 'Sex Prayer' could plausibly be some forgotten Studio One obscurity. Eerily familiar but forging a distinct character, I would hazard a guess that the White Denim boys have ace record collections.

'Fits' is an out and out instrumental fiend, we barely get to hear frontman James Petralli, but when we do he's like a man possessed. Abrasive and soulful in equal measures, Petralli is every bit as diverse as the band itself, managing to take the pitch down for a tender lilt on, 'I'd Have It Just The Way We Were.' Unhinged, erratic and missing from the hospital without its medication, 'Fits' could not be a better title for this album. Worth a look.



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