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The Girl and The Robot by Röyksopp

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Reviewed on 30th June 2009.


The Girl and The Robot

By Röyksopp

You may not be aware that in Scandinavia there is a massive indie/pop/electronica scene with a wide variety of acts from Jens Lekman to indeed the likes of Royksopp and Robyn. This single, 'The Girl And The Robot' draws together two of the most powerful Scandinavian electro-pop forces; Royksopp and Robyn.

The single, which has more remixes than you can shake a stick at, is a euphoric track with choral sounding synths that herald a state of relaxation. I have to say I felt fully chilled out after even the first listen of this track. Robyn's voice seems to entwine itself around the electronic soundscape in a climbing fashion, as the track seems to constantly climb.

I must admit to finding this song beautifully bizarre, and upon closer examination of the lyrics I found it to be the story of a girl whose lover sounds like a bit of a careerist and would rather work than spend time with her, hence she brands him as a robot.

My favourite remix has to be Joakim's, with its sublime percussion solo utilising and feeding from the rhythmic aspect of the song, making it perhaps more danceable. Joakim even adds a cowbell!

Royksopp have again shown invention in this age of near monotony, creating an original electronic single that seems to contribute to electronica with a new set of ideas that get under your skin and confuse.



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