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Beba by Pantyraid

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Reviewed on 2nd July 2009.



By Pantyraid

Despite having never encountered the 'futurist hip hop' label before, it's an apt summary of Pantyraid's combination of slowed-down hip-hop grooves and spacey synths. 'Beba' would just about manage to get away with its coiling, languid beats and glitchey buzzes and beeps, if it wasn't for the horrendous vocals. The ricocheting, ping-pong-aping yelps of "be-ba!" are matched only by the cringe worthy 'shout-out' style voiceovers. 'Beba' will probably slip under the radar at a club at 3am, but the slightest bit of scrutiny, and it becomes glaringly obvious that this is just a paper-thin collection of synths, stuck on a loop, and splattered with horrible vocals.

'Get The Money' is a huge improvement, as Pantyraid lay down a crunchy electro beat that may not be about to set the world on fire, but gives them solid foundations on which to heap their space-aged synths. The meaty underlying beat means 'Get The Money' will probably fair tolerably well on the club scene. The second half takes a sleazier turn, as a fug of distortion wafts back and forth across a trembling electronic pulse, and 'Get The Money' becomes just about trippy enough to be an enjoyable 'futuristic hip hop' experience.

At best, 'Get The Money' might knock around the clubs for a while, but these two songs aren't the sort of dance music you'd choose to listen to at home.



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On 17th July 2009 at 16:14 Anonymous 7378 wrote...

It's disappointing to see a reviewer that has no real connection or knowledge of the music they're criticizing. Often this is notoriously all-too-frequent when it comes to electronic music. The fact that the reviewer acknowledges that she's never heard of the Marine Parade label instantly raises red flags.

Marine Parade is Adam Freeland's label that hosts most of Freeland's music along with huge mainstream breaks and hip hop artists like the Bassbin Twins, BT, Evil Nine, Jape, Alex Metric, etc.

I can't believe the reviewer didn't mention that Pantyraid contains Ooah, 1/3 of The Glitch Mob. This EP is simply a taste of their album to come wherein Pantyraid melds Glitch Hop/Aqua Crunk with Dubstep - tied together with the beautiful electro IDM sounds that Ooah is known for.

I'm very excited to see what's released in the future from this project. There's really nobody else that has this sound and attempting what they're doing at the moment. Years from now, people will look back at this coming album as one of the first great groundbreaking Glitch Hop albums.



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