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These Four Walls by We Were Promised Jetpacks

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Reviewed on 12th July 2009.


These Four Walls

By We Were Promised Jetpacks

Being based in the same city, Glasgow four piece We Were Promised Jetpacks are guaranteed to draw comparison with label mates Frightened Rabbit. Indeed, they cite them as an influence, along with fellow Scots, The Twilight Sad and Biffy Clyro. From the outset of this, their debut album, it is clear they aren't quite as complex as Frightened Rabbit, yet they manage to retain the passion of their countrymen, without the use of horns or strings.

Opener 'It's Thunder And It's Lightening' manages to convey the energy that sets them, and this album, above many of their indie four piece contemporaries. Even the opening minute or so, where only a guitar and singer Adam Thompson can be heard, grabs the attention, and as it draws to its thundering conclusion you are left stunned that four guys can make quite so much noise.

The frantic pace is carried through 'Ships With Holes Will Sink' and into the insanely catchy 'Roll Up Your Sleeves,' which could easily do well if it got the airplay it deserves. Even the chilled out 'Conductor' and the beautiful 'This Is My House, This Is My Home' manage to keep you enthralled as the music builds up, until single 'Quiet Little Voices' throws the listener straight back in to the manically crashing guitars of the opening tracks. Perfectly frantic guitar pop.

'These Four Walls' doesn't hold the same ideals of lyrical focus as the likes of The Midnight Organ Fight. This isn't to say Thompson's lyrics are poor, in fact they're excellent, they suit the context of the music perfectly, tending to be blunt and to the point. "The chances of being born/are so slim/so keep warm, so keep warm" he calls on the epic, eight-minute guitar anthem that is 'Keeping Warm.' It's the one track that really shows the band recall the influence of the label mates previously mentioned - even along the lines of an indie Sigur RUs, who also once made camp with FatCat records.

Closing with the gorgeous 'An Almighty Thud,' 'These Four Walls' sets these four Scottish lads up as far more than the indie, simpler version of their label mates Frightened Rabbit, or the Arcade Fire-esque 'Broken Records.' A fantastically frantic, yet brilliantly heartfelt debut.



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