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Post-Nothing by Japandroids

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Reviewed on 5th August 2009.



By Japandroids

'Post-Nothing' is the first album from Vancouver's intriguingly named Japandroids. They're a two piece outfit with a penchant for big, muddy garage band music. It's slushy and relentless, the culmination of bulky, Dinosaur Jr style guitars and explosive, flailing tub thumping.

No doubt this will go down a treat with the current Wavves/No Age appreciation contingent as they'll find the lo-fi production and cute, sugary vocals to their liking. 'Post-Nothing' is something a little different though. There's a further discordant quality to their sound which recalls more technically inclined post-hardcore bands, as opposed to the out and out trashiness of contemporaries such as Wavves. Perhaps somewhere along the lines of those 90s bands with their rich, resonating walls of distortion and aggression that has rubbed off from standard issue Fugazi exposure.

Japandroids like to talk about the two traditional stalwarts of rock subject matter: small town disillusionment and girls. Although lyrically, 'Post-Nothing' leaves us a few tongue in cheek clues that maybe Japandroids aren't taking themselves all that seriously, which is a relief. At least you'd hope so with lines like: "must get to France, so we can French kiss some French girls."

'Post-Nothing' might suffer from being a bit late out of the starting blocks in this recent noise-pop episode we're experiencing. But at least they are giving it a go in an unadulterated, straight up kinda way, which is not going to wow anyone, but some will find it cool never the less. Pure and simple normally makes good rock music, and this album stands testament to that rule.



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