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I'm Not Invisible by The Tease featuring Megan Wyler

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Reviewed on 9th August 2009.


I'm Not Invisible

By The Tease featuring Megan Wyler

Despite being instantly recognisable as "that song off the Ford Ka advert," 'I'm Not Invisible' by The Tease featuring Megan Wyler has a more interesting backstory than most songs that achieve brief notoriety after being selected as the soundtrack for an ad campaign. It was originally written as a forty-second music clip to accompany the TV adverts but, after being flooded with inquiries as to where the song could be purchased, it was decided to record a full-length version.

This full-length version is basically the just-under-one-minute of music and lyrics featured in the television adv, repeated twice, with a handful of new lyrics and a bridge section of "ooooooh, oooooh" vocals thrown in for good measure. However, The Tease featuring Megan Wyler prove that there was more than enough material in that original clip, to fashion a full song from. Megan Wyler's vocals are sublime, particularly during the bridge section, where her crooned "ooooooh"s are guaranteed to give you the shivers. The majority of the song may just be the same drumbeat churned out over and over again, but it's infuriatingly catchy and, once heard, you'll be wandering around humming it all day.

'I'm Not Invisible' is a light and breezy piece of wafer-thin, summery pop that isn't about to set the world alight, but two and a half minutes spent in its company is guaranteed to brighten your day.



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