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Single Of The Weak by InMe

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Reviewed on 13th August 2009.


Single Of The Weak

By InMe

One obviously has to hand it to the band for coming up with their own dismissive headline. 'Single of the Weak' is, in a nutshell, exactly that. It's three and a half minutes of bombastic self indulgence; an awful lot of noisy grievance shouted with sufficient venom to ward off those who might get close enough to see through the paper-thin message at its core.

Having heard the forthcoming LP ('Herald Moth') however, I can attest to the fact that they've picked their single wisely. Nothing else would get remotely close to two stars. Unfortunately, the only reason that this one does (i.e. a couple of synth segments that put one in mind of Moroder-era Sparks) actually turns out to be a sarcastic side-swipe at us vacuous punters and the fluffy records we buy.

There's a reason we prefer to spend our hard-earned on such stuff, though. Primarily it is because it's ten times more fun to listen to than some onanistic guitar work coupled with the vocal equivalent of a toddler bawling his eyes out for attention. "What's that shit on the radio?" demands the song's oft-repeated refrain. The answer, unless you're listening to Kerrang! Radio, is "nothing by InMe." Thank goodness.



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On 18th August 2009 at 23:14 Anonymous 7407 wrote...

This review is a load of crap. I would have to give the song four stars myself. InMe clearly take a shot at the music industry and clearly make a point in that big music labels focus too much on making money with the same boring, rubbish and samey sort of music acts. InMe are very different and combine good vocals with excellent guitar work. However, even though this song is not the best of the album it is still catchy. I would urge anyone to buy Herald Moth as it is a superb album. The person who has reviewed this song could not be further from the truth and talks a load of rubbish. Maybe they should get back and listen to Britney Spears.


On 14th September 2009 at 12:27 Anonymous 7396 wrote...

I think this review is very accurate, I think the whole principle is cliched and dare I say childish. I clicked on this review to hear somebody else confirm what I thought when I heard it for the first and last time.


On 14th September 2009 at 14:50 thirties wrote...

I have on occasion been known to talk "a load of rubbish", as the appropriately monikered Ironic85 suggests, but not in this instance. I stand squarely behind my earlier thoughts. And for what it's worth, NME gave the LP 3/10 a couple of weeks back. I thought them a trifle generous.



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