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Departure by Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Reviewed on 13th August 2009.



By Motion Picture Soundtrack

As a precursor to their forthcoming debut album, Canterbury's Motion Picture Soundtrack release three track EP 'Departure.'

Lead single and title track 'Departure' is a dramatic sweep of sound that'll convince you Motion Picture Soundtrack couldn't have picked a more apt name for themselves. 'Departure' pulls the simple-but-effective trick of surrounding its theatrical rock with echoing guitars that simultaneously expand its scope and sound, whilst giving it an ethereal, glimmering sheen. 'Departure' is a sparkling, cinematic statement of intent.

Shivering riffs also give 'Faults of a Realist' that expansive feel. Behind that shimmering veneer, is a taunt combination of frontman Alastair Blackwood's impassioned holler and drums that pump along to an insistent rhythm. However, it's during the bridge section where 'Faults of a Realist' really delivers that emotional suckerpunch, gathering to a gorgeous, heady swirl of screeching guitars, explosive drums and Blackwood's spine-tingling warble. 'Faults of a Realist' sounds like it's been lifted from the climatic scene of an emotionally-wrenching blockbuster.

But, just in case you were thinking Motion Picture Soundtrack were all style and no substance, EP-closer 'Mirrors' takes a quieter approach. The echoey chords are replaced by lamenting strings and mournful piano strains. Likewise, instead of bellowing out those big notes, Blackwood turns out more tentative vocals, proving that his voice can carry emotion even when he isn't belting the lyrics out at full volume. However, it's when 'Mirrors' hushes to short, piano-based instrumental sections that this song is at its most stirring. When Motion Picture Soundtrack go for an end-section of crashing guitars, it simply can't compete with those simple, tearjerker pianos, and Motion Picture Soundtrack should have stuck with the softly-softly approach. 'Mirrors' is a beautiful song, with a dramatic finale, where no finale was needed.

Each song on this emotionally-charged, three track effort is rock with a cinematic veneer of glimmering, echoey guitars or aching strings. The 'Departure' EP is one for fans of film soundtracks, and music where the emotion comes from the atmospheric touches, rather than big, stadium-bothering choruses.



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