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Knock Knock by Catraz

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Reviewed on 13th August 2009.


Knock Knock

By Catraz

For his debut release, Catraz offers an entertaining enough slice of domestic hip hop. And, for all their parochiality, his rhymes just about hang together. The only problem is that lines like "I used to live in Brecon / Then I got bored of the Beacons / And I moved back to Clifton" put you dangerously near GLC territory. It's difficult not to view it as a bit of a knowing in-joke.

The house parties described here make it sound like he did the right thing in returning to Bristol. I imagine that the "Chilean and Dominican women" (by whom he seems lyrically obsessed) were probably a bit thin on the ground in Brecknockshire. Nonetheless, you can't help but feel that those illustrious forbears he name-checks (Notorious B.I.G., N.W.A. etc.) would have been puzzled to learn that they'd had any hand in inspiring a song detailing the fact.

The somewhat clichéd siren samples might mimic that other bourgeois gangster Tim Westwood, but I suspect that Catraz doesn't take his "street" pretensions to the same level. Yes, he spells his name out for us and enunciates the last letter as "zee," but the very fact that he admits to drinking "red wine, mainly" suggests that when he says he's keeping it real, he probably is.



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