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My Wena by Bowling For Soup

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Reviewed on 4th September 2009.


My Wena

By Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup are on a mission to cram as many sexual innuendos as possible into three minutes with their new single 'My Wena.'

Playing out like a power pop ballad, 'My Wena' lacks the unabashed exuberance of Bowling For Soup at their finest (it's no 'Punk Rock 101' or 'High School Never Ends') but the combination of Jaret Reddick's utterly straight-faced delivery; melodic riffs and wink-wink-nudge-nudge double entendres is guaranteed to raise a smile.

While initially 'My Wena' feels like quick, cheap chuckle material, Reddick has a knack for twisting his voice into wickedly sharp hooks, meaning this song is devilishly difficult to shake off once it's got its claws into you.

On the downside, the lack of the usual Bowling For Soup buoyancy means that, once the novelty value of such an innuendo-laden ballad has worn off, 'My Wena' becomes much less fun. 'My Wena' will make you laugh on the first and second listens, and you'll walk around humming it for a little while afterwards, but in terms of long lasting appeal, Bowling For Soup have done much better than this.



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