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Diamond Rings by Fake Problems

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Reviewed on 8th September 2009.


Diamond Rings

By Fake Problems

Prior to their October tour with Frank Turner, Fake Problems release 'Diamond Rings' off their sophomore 'It's Great To Be Alive' album.

Despite the jerking, angular guitars, 'Diamond Rings' is really all about the vocals, as frontman Chris Farren alternates between a guttural warble and an impassioned, preacher-like drawl, while the rest of the band crowbar in jazzy, gang backing vocals at every opportunity. They're so shamelessly slick and funky, that resistance really is futile: 'Diamond Rings' will get fixed in your head.

Musically, this song bucks along to disjointed guitar rhythms, which are occasionally fleshed out with rollicking piano and throbbing bass. It's a quirky, ramshackle collection of sounds. Towards the end, 'Diamond Rings' embraces its country leanings with a rabble-raising hoedown of thumping drums and sharp, scratchy guitars. It may drag on a little towards the end, moving through various instrumental passages before finally calling it a day, but 'Diamond Rings' has more than enough likeable quirks to compensate for its slightly tired final thirty seconds.

The more conventional indie-rock of B-side 'Heartless (Daytrotter Session)' takes things down a notch, placing an emphasis on melancholy, story-telling lyrics. However, this is no bad thing, as there's more than enough lyrical content to hold your attention. This slow, meandering tale of romantic woe is the perfect counterpoint to 'Diamond Ring's sharp vocal hooks and angular guitars, making for a double-whammy that may not be the best thing off 'It's Great To Be Alive,' but is still a character-packed slab of jazzed-up indie-rock.



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On 10th September 2009 at 05:10 Anonymous 7429 wrote...

Good to hear that. I'm really a fan of "Diamond Rings" and been their follower since. They really rock!

By the way, great post. Thanks!

Kind regards,
Andy Moquin
Engagement Rings Circle of NY
Buffalo, New York



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