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Thriller by Part Chimp

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Reviewed on 10th September 2009.



By Part Chimp

This is the third album from London's Part Chimp. And it continues to carve out much the same deep, muddy, craterous channel that the band has been labouring at for a few years now. Part Chimp are all about noise creation, in the darkest, heaviest sense. The sheer sonic intensity that they seem to craft is thunderous, even on record. Tongue in cheek, 'Thriller' eeks out some more guttural, subterranean rock that will shake the foundations of you mum's house. The name Part Chimp couldn't be more appropriate to their sound, which is a carnal, Cro-Magnon bawl. It's knuckles to the ground, other hand wielding a caveman club.

Points of reference could easily include Sabbath and a whole host of the most murderous sounding stoner rock outfits. Despite an obvious affection for these bands however, Part Chimp don't like to take things quite so seriously, leaning on the pomposity of the genre as a piss-take opportunity. The colossal guitar is always around the corner on this album, no matter how sparse and dainty it gets between slug fests. And when it does come, it's a scary, out of control juggernaut of a sound. It may be a sort of brainless fun, but they actually manage to make a decent product out of it. It's quite remarkable that a record about as subtle as an earthquake could sound this clear and precise. There's obviously a certain amount of pride been taken in engineering the thing.

'Thriller' sees the band take on a slicker aesthetic, in comparison to the bitter ruckus of the likes of 'Hello Bastards' on their earlier 'I Am Come' album. Opener 'Trad' is confidently melodic, despite its toiling drone-riff engine, and 'Sweet Tea' is an ambitious epic bundled into three minutes. So, it's not all for the long-haired, extended jam enthusiasts. Perhaps now is the time for Part Chimp to shine, they've been knocking around long enough, and with a renewed interest in racket-making groups such as Lightning Bolt, who knows.



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