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King of Jeans by Pissed Jeans

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Reviewed on 10th September 2009.


King of Jeans

By Pissed Jeans

Disgusting, apathetical losers Pissed Jeans create a decadent mush of an album, an ode to anyone with a minimum wage job and fleeting self belief. A squalid sludge lingers on from the band's previous efforts, the gloriously lethargic 'Shallow' and its underdog little bro, 'Hope for Men.' Straight off the bat, I will say this album is going to be the most fun you have this year. Regardless of whether you think Pissed Jeans should be dishing the royalty cheques to the Jesus Lizard, this is one hell of a furious composition. They've reined in the unruly bark of earlier output, going more walloping rock than untidy noise, but still it feels dangerous. Maybe with a little wry smile on the side.

Frontman Matt Korvette is the hilariously frank, and cynical average Joe. Mapping out the perversities of day to day life from his grubby office cubicle, Korvette sounds every bit as visceral, unhinged and melancholy as he has previously. A half-arsed Iggy Pop for his generation. 'King Of Jeans' features a great set of songs, each managing to make you laugh more than the last. From the lackadaisical stubbornness of opener, 'False Jesii Part 2,' through to closing statement, 'Goodbye (Hair);' Korvette's self-pity at his early balding. A light is bravely shone into the bleak realities of human existence in middle America, and how Korvette rationalizes it in his own head.

Musically, you'll find yet another version of the Jeans sound in this album. The best aspects of Bradley Fry's guitars from the previous albums have been shoe horned into a new noise. There's the foul grubbiness of the distortion from 'Shallow' and the thick, gluey warmth of 'Hope for Men,' together creating a muscular sound. A more deliberate approach to the rhythm section means that 'King of Jeans' has more clout behind it than they've previously been wielding. All the better for pounding out this irate tirade of frustration that's been giving Korvette nosebleeds since he was a kid.



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