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I Understand by Eight Legs

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Reviewed on 23rd September 2009.


I Understand

By Eight Legs

'I Understand' from Eight Legs is a decent enough slice of NME-friendly indie that does nothing particularly wrong (although, its chorus of "what can this mean / thoughts tumble around in the washing machine" could become mildly annoying if overplayed.) However, it doesn't do anything particularly right, either. The "oooooh-whooo-oh-oh" backing vocals are vaguely catchy in a summery, poppy sort of way; and frontman Sam Jolly has the hip, indie-rock drawl act nailed, but it all feels a bit like indie-rock-by-numbers. Fans of the genre could easily find indie that's a tad more exciting and original than this.

B-side 'Stay Cool' bears an uncanny resemblance to The Kinks' 'All Day And All Of The Night.' Initially, you'll be distracted by the conviction that Sam Jolly is about to break out into "girl I want to be with you all of the time!" Sadly, he isn't, and more competent, but unexciting indie ensues.

'I Understand' or 'Stay Cool' are the sort of average indie-rock that may be impossible to dislike, but it's also pretty difficult to get excited about them, either.



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