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Brand New Eyes by Paramore

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Reviewed on 23rd September 2009.


Brand New Eyes

By Paramore

There seems to be a lot of undeserved anger directed at Paramore, or there was around the release of 2007's 'Riot!' and it's not as though they've ever done anything wrong. Their first two albums are hardly revolutionary, but they don't pretend to be. Simple pop-punk by teenagers, for teenagers.

'Brand New Eyes' follows a now well worn, tried and tested formula for making an enjoyable pop-punk album. Frantic opener 'Careful' portrays the musical direction the band are going for, it sounds more like their debut than the more produced 'Riot!'

The rest of the album just gets on with itself. Once again, it's not remotely thought provoking, sounding like what it is: Paramore continuing to make the music they've been making for the past five or so years but having matured a bit in the process. Stand out tracks are single 'Ignorance,' obvious second single 'Brick By Boring Brick' and the rather lovely, acoustic led 'Misguided Ghosts.'

The most impressive part of this album is front-girl Hayley William's vocals, most noticeable on the slower 'The Only Exception' and brilliant closer 'All I Wanted.' Her on lead vocals, is the only thing keeping Paramore slightly better known than the legions of American pop-punk acts.

'Brand New Eyes' is a solid third album. It presses all the right buttons. Storming opening, a few lovely acoustic tracks and a heavy closer, plus the necessary splash of maturity. It possibly relies slight too heavily on William's brilliant vocals in parts, but overall it's an enjoyable listen. Nothing more or less than it ever promised to be.



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