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Barcelona by Plasticines

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Reviewed on 14th October 2009.



By Plasticines

If Ladyhawke has taught us anything, it's that girl-synth-rock is fit. And Plastiscines have not tried to hide the fact that their break-through single is in fact a complete cover of Ladyhawke's 'Paris Is Burning', where the word "Paris" has been cunningly substituted for "Barcelona." But I've found myself not particularly caring about this complete rip-off at all; 'Barcelona' is a great pop song that ticks all the necessary boxes.

There's a strutting shoulder-shaking verse of Veronicas-style light pop-rock with just enough guitar to lure you into the main selling point of the chorus, which is then repeated for the last 75% of the record. "Let's get down in Barcelona / Tonight we're dancing like no tomorrow" rings out like a true pop anthem. A hand-clapping middle-eight is another completely necessary ingredient for the perfect pop song and this has been dutifully attended to with the chanting of "falling down, falling down / touch the ground, touch the ground / going mad, going mad / not too bad, not too bad." These profound lyrics are then layered on top of the already established "bla bla bla bla Barcelona" tag line to build to a cheerily bopping, poptastic finale.

Both Ladyhawke and CSS needed unadulterated pop songs to crow-bar their way into mainstream consciousness in order to release much more interesting and subversive albums than their initial crowd-pleasing singles would suggest. Although not as quirky or weird as 'Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above,' let's hope that Plastiscines follow in the footsteps of bands like CSS and follow up this single with an album that pushes more boundaries and adheres to less girl-band stereotypes than their debut single does.



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