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Novus Ordo Seclorum by The Junk

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Reviewed on 7th November 2009.


Novus Ordo Seclorum

By The Junk

Three track EP 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' is no-frills skacore that'll find a ready home with fans of the genre. However, if skacore hasn't previously won you over, then stay well clear, as the JUNK bring absolutely nothing new to the genre.

The final minute of EP-opener 'Scream Your Dreams' is unnecessary instrumental faffing about that's probably supposed to sound epic, but is actually pretty boring. Thankfully, the rest of the song isn't. Pogo and skank-friendly, it's packed with oompa-oompa beats, jabbered vocals and tootling horns, with riff-heavy choruses that means it packs a meatier, more punk-orientated punch than many ska songs. Dropping the post-chorus brass interlude, together with that yawn-inducing instrumental ending, would have made for a tighter and more concise suckerpunch but, thankfully, the JUNK don't fall into the same trap with 'Monkey See Monkey Do.'

Although this song features another extended instrumental ending, it's layered with wailing brass instruments, in a more downbeat slant on ska that has some real force behind it. 'Monkey See Money Do' also boasts a chorus of racy punk riffs, shouty gang vocals and piping brass. The only downside is the verses, which can't match up to the rest of the song's high octane skacore; they rattle comfortably along, but they never really ignite.

'Far From Here' alternates between guitar-heavy punk, and scratching, stop-start chords, which are the staples of the skacore genre. The ska sections don't grab the listener until the JUNK take it up a notch, but once 'Far From Here' kicks into second gear, it's uncomplicated, ska-by-numbers fun. The mid-section where the music cuts out, leaving us with just the chanted vocal lines, is a tad cheesy, but the JUNK redeem themselves with a whirl of high octane punk rock, which brings this release to a no-nonsense finish.

It's pointless to ask for originality from a genre such as skacore. What the JUNK do, is exactly what every other skacore band is doing, but they do it well. Pretty good fun on record, but probably a hell of a lot more fun in the flesh, you can imagine them warming the crowd up nicely at a Less Than Jake or Reel Big Fish gig.



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