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Walk On by Young Rebel Set

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Reviewed on 29th November 2009.


Walk On

By Young Rebel Set

How a record is promoted and how it actually sounds are often very different things. A great example is 'Walk On,' the forthcoming single for Young Rebel Set, who according to XFM and NME alike are supposedly one of the most promising emerging indie bands to come out of Britain this year. With Oasis' management on board, they'd have probably aimed for something heroic, anthemic, heartfelt, gritty and working-class. Instead though, they come across conceited; less Oasis and more like The Courteeners' younger twin.

The single starts well: the potent piano chords are basic but striking, and when coupled with the towering, hurt vocals you'd expect something great from the rest of the track. But, after listening to it for twenty five seconds, you'll feel you're in familiar territory; the downbeat guitars, the relentlessly repetitive drums, the simpleminded lyrics: it's just the same hollow indie we've all heard a thousand times before. In fact, I can't understand how there's seven members in the band; I waited for a rousing chorus but there was nothing powerful enough to catch my attention. B-side 'Borders' is simply a continuation of 'Walk On,' yet the delicacy and passion that drives 'Yorkshire Bank' is Young Rebel Set's redeeming feature; it's the only time I started to understand the hype that surrounds them. The abrasive but tender vocals layered on top of the simple acoustic and piano arrangements are the most effective and poignant of this entire single.

With new bands, I can sometimes identify immediately with their music, but I just don't find myself doing this with Young Rebel Set. They admit themselves that they've "got nothing different to say" and this is their major problem. So I'm left giving an average review for an average track from what seems to be an average band at the moment.



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