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Your Hand In Mine by Liam Frost

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Reviewed on 29th November 2009.


Your Hand In Mine

By Liam Frost

I failed to warm to Liam Frost's recent album 'We Ain't Got No Money, Honey, But We Got Rain,' casting it off as being too forcefully happy-clappy - a bit too Mika for my liking. 'Your Hand In Mine' is still pitched at that kind of Alphabeat fast paced tempo, but with the dominating, weirdly appealing drone of Martha Wainwright cutting up what could have been a perfectly run of the mill pop album-filler, this single is the surprising triumph of the album. The piano chord progressions have a darker, more soulful edge than the rest of Frost's latest offerings and are counterbalanced by a gloriously retro doo-wap vocal style and big bandstand energy.

Wainwright's duet is a mixed blessing for Frost. Her subversive anti-pop vocal style, which somehow manages to combine an oddly pitched bacchic wail with a childish whisper just makes me want to revisit her 2008 album 'I Know You're Married But I've Got feelings Too' and her recent 'Piaf Record,' where in typical eccentric style she has, of course, released a live album made up entirely of Edith Piaf covers, entirely in French! Wainwright really brings this single home for Frost: what would have been mediocre but listenable is instead a roaring head-bobber.



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