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..Was Right All Along by Allison Weiss

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Reviewed on 29th November 2009.


..Was Right All Along

By Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss creates honest, heartfelt pop for the masses with an overwhelming authenticity and from-the-heart feel. Sweet acoustic riffs and quirky little lyrics make catchy songs, but Miss Weiss isn't just after your ear, she's after your heart.

OK, that's the lamest thing I've ever written (and that you've ever read) but I couldn't pass up that cliche and listening to this album, it's striking how very real and totally relatable emotions are expressed so perfectly in a song that will be stuck in your head all day. That's pretty much the gist of this whole record.

Allison is an artist who wears her influences on her sleeve - hints of Tegan & Sara and even a bit of Rilo Kiley spring to mind, both being favourites of hers - obvious references for the genre, but it's difficult to put her into a typical female singer/songwriter category. There's no shortage of chicks with guitars singing quirky songs, but one of the best things about Allison Weiss is that if you want to, you can know her.

At only twenty-two, Weiss funded the entire thing through her very well-placed web presence. Using revolutionary fundraiser website Kickstarter, Weiss used her Twitter/Tumblr/MySpace etc. to encourage fans to donate towards the album costs. Donators would receive rewards according to the amount pledged - from as little as $1 one could receive secret videos, links and album tracks, all the way up to the $500 top prize, a song penned especially for you about whatever you want. Worth it? Many pledges thought so, and in only two months Weiss raised almost $8000 (almost four times her goal) and turned the planned studio EP into a full album.

Many Weiss fans will be pleased to hear solo acoustic stuff turned into full band tracks with a convincing professional sound and finish. Sentiments of solos 'Yer Goin Down' and 'You+Me+Alcohol' translate well into the studio arena, personal favourite, uber-catchy 'July 25th, 2007' becomes smoother and even more intimate. Lead track 'I Was An Island' lays the groundwork with a simple acoustic build-up and it's comforting to see an artist so in control of the sound - the Internet-famous DIYer has managed to pull off the production without going overboard. One might find a couple of filler tracks, maybe 'From You To Me' or 'Why Bother,' but as always in a full album there are songs lacking the magic of the stand-out pieces; even at its worst this album offers something honest, well-crafted and engaging.

'...Was Right All Along' fully serves any and all pre-existing fans of Weiss, but with its masterful production of the catchy hooks and emotive tone it seems bound to garner a few more. An artist sans label/manager who says "My favourite part of playing music is paying my dues, I like to work hard and be rewarded," absolutely proves it with this record and oddly enough, the album itself is a reward to any who listen to it.



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