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Aun Apprendo by The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment

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Reviewed on 2nd December 2009.


Aun Apprendo

By The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment

The four tracks that make up this EP form a diverse bunch of inoffensive ditties, all of which are listenable but none of which stand out and beg for further attention. Opener 'Generation' is possibly the pick, but seems confused as to whether it really wants to get aggressively political in the listener's face. The synth-driven melody is catchy enough, if possibly too gentle to carry off all the angst, but it's difficult to take the middle section's spoken narrative ("Television / One Vision / Indecision / Superstition..." etc.) very seriously.

The verse of 'Sleep Next To Me' aims at the style of Lou Reed in 'Perfect Day' mode, whilst the chorus is more in the line of gentle late era Pink Floyd or David Gilmour solo output. Neither of these are intended particularly as compliments. 'Goodbye My Little Friend' seems to continue in a similar vein. The piano is again to the fore, but at least the weightier (and catchier) chorus is beefed up with synths and drums.

'Rain' is, appropriately, a drippy affair. Imagine David Gray fronting Travis and you get the disappointing picture. This probably also means that some people who like their pop devoid of sharp edges will appreciate it. And, in fairness, it does possess a synth wig-out which the wobbly-headed one would never have committed to disc. However, any beneficial effect is immediately negated by that most cliched feature - a last chorus key-change. All in all this experiment is not an entirely successful one, but careful study of the results could lead to better focussing of future efforts.



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